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TVR Tamora

TVR Tamora

Intended as a more accessible version of the brutal Griffith, Tamora includes a sleek and curvaceous body shell wrapped around a driveline which has at its heart TVR’s own six cylinder engine.

The note in the exhaust can sound harsh (particularly when compared to the crimson noise from V8-engined TVRs) but what matters is the fact that it delivers a sensational punch each time the throttle is opened the 0-100kph sprint is the in a whisker over four seconds, and also the car is able to topping 170mph (275kph).

Just like all TVR sports cars, a strong grip from experienced hands is important.

Body Shell : 2 Door Roadster
Engine : 6 Cylinder Petrol
Gearbox : 5 Speed Manual
Price (USD) : From $57,500