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5 Reasons to Hire A Lawyer for a Car Accident Case That Wasn’t Your Fault

Being in a car accident can be a tragic experience for anyone. Going with the numbers, a lot of people face car accident with varying magnitude, at least once in their lifetime. More often than not we are involved in an accident that isn’t our fault. Sometimes there aren’t injuries involved and sometimes it may cause hospitalization and long-term injury. Based on the damages caused, one may have to hire a lawyer to properly deal with the accident case. Consider these points and check when to seek professional help.

1. Proving Your Innocence

The one who is at fault may not accept the fact that they are responsible for causing the accident, in front of the court. Since, there are damage costs involved, the blame game is quite common in matters of a car accident. A criminal lawyer with experience in similar field will be able to prove your innocence better than you. When the damage is vast it’s better to get professional help.

2. Proper Calculation of Damage Costs

When a person is judged to be eligible for compensation, he/she might not have a clear idea about the damage cost. If one ends up settling claims even before having a clear idea about the costs, he/she will have to take care of the additional costs themselves in the future. It is important to calculate and analyze all the present as well as future costs that the accident is likely to incur. A lawyer with similar experience will have a better idea and save you from making insufficient demand.

3. Right Settlement

Once you have calculated your damage costs and the compensation amount, it will be another task to get it settled. You have medical expenses, car damage cost and sometimes lost wages and future earnings. All those costs have to be proved and the payer will try to negotiate with their own set of proofs in order to reduce financial burden. Sooner or later, a man with no evident proof ends up settling for less. A lawyer will present all the necessary evidence to help strengthen your point.

4. Dealing with Insurance Companies

Car accident cases are made harder to deal with by insurance companies. In most cases, the insurance company of the driver who is guilty, pays the car damage cost and medical expenses. The terms and conditions can be tricky, and one may not understand what he/she is eligible for. Insurance companies try to decrease the compensation amount to avoid loss on their end. Your lawyer will deal with all those legal matters while you recover.

5. Lawyer Is a Must for High Intensity Accidents

If you were involved in a high intensity / fatal accident causing death or disability, you should talk to a lawyer right away, whether or not it was your fault. High intensity accidents are not taken lightly by the court or the opposing parties, police investigation takes place. If these cases are not steered properly from the beginning, it can incur huge burden, sometimes imprisonment, even if you are not guilty but proved otherwise.

The after phase of an accident are difficult to deal with. Should one take care of his/her own injuries or deal with medical bills, car damage and repair, case and the court, talking terms with insurer etc. As mentioned earlier, whether or not one needs professional help depends on the intensity of the accident one was involved in. Hiring a lawyer should be justified with your case and that itself should not become another burden on you. If you are doubtful, seek legal advice then if it makes sense, hire a lawyer. This decision will have impact on your future so choose wisely.