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7 Best Volkswagen Cars of All Time

Since its formation in 1937, Volkswagen has been manufacturing car models that are meant for different purposes. A good example is its first model, commonly known as the beetle, which was a favorite for many people across the world in the 60s and 70s. The car was preferable because it was easy to maintain and had a low fuel consumption rate. Although the beetle was eventually phased out, everyone can remember that it formed the basis for the development of other Volkswagen vehicles that have changed the automotive world. At NY’s best Volkswagen lease deals you can find one of your choices.NY’s

Volkswagen was initially meant to manufacture cars for the average German people. But later, the British took over its management after World War II and introduced measures that changed it forever. Here are the top seven cars from this manufacturer.

1. 2012-2015 Volkswagen Passat Alltrack

Released in March 2012, the Passat Alltrack was the turning point in the history of the Passat line. It was a preferable option for buyers because it came with an energy efficient engine. Besides, it came at a time when the world was recovering from an economic downturn, and therefore, buyers were willing to spend more on cars. After 2015, it was replaced with new ranges of Passat.

2. 2016 Volkswagen Up

Although it was the smallest car that Volkswagen had ever made, the UP did not compromise on the premium quality that is always associated with the company. Most buyers said that they like it because it has sophisticated driving mechanisms that cannot be found in other cars. To make it even better, it requires low running maintenance costs.

3. 2003 Volkswagen Touran

The Touran hit the market in 2003, and like many other models before it, it appealed to many new car buyers. It gave buyers the option of choosing between five and seven seat cars. It also came with competent engines. One of its major selling points was the space and flair.

4. 1989 Volkswagen Corrado

The Corrado is remembered as one of the brands that ushered in a breakthrough for Volkswagen. While many people had often liked the brand because of its appeal to the average buyer, this one brought about a new style. It was the first high-end car to be produced by the company, and this made it appeal to even more people.

5. 1973 Volkswagen Passat

A pioneer of the Passat Range, this model came in four varieties that were distinguished by the number of doors. It was an inexpensive alternative to the similar models that were hitting the market at that time, and therefore, buyers could not resist. It was hailed as one of the most desirable family cars in Europe at that time.

6. 1977 Volkswagen Scirocco

There is a reason the Scirocco was referred to as “The Racing Volkswagen.” It is because it was a super sports car that was specifically designed for racing. Although it performed well at several sports event, it was an excellent car on the streets too. It is the reason car enthusiasts wanted to be seen driving it around the cities.

7. 1953-1979 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

It is difficult to talk about Volkswagen cars without mentioning the Beetle Convertible of 1953 to 1979. When buttoned up, it resembled the other sedans.

Of course, there are many other Volkswagen models that appealed to buyers across the world. What every car lover awaits is the next model and how it will change the automotive industry.