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TVR Tuscan

TVR Tuscan

Big, bold, brutally fast, and possessed of looks that suggest it’ll leap up in the kerb and bite passers by, Tuscan is available in the ‘cooking’ 3.6 litre form that’s fast, and also the 4.0S that precedes fast with devastatingly.

Newly obtainable in targa and convertible forms along with the familiar coupe, the vehicle rewards a confident driver using the kind of sensations that always cost many times the price of a Tuscan.

When there is a weakness towards the package it’s the styling; this really is either loved or loathed with equal passion. We suspect TVR rather enjoy it that way.

Body Shell : 2 Door Coupe/Targa/Roadster
Engine : 6 Cylinder Petrol
Gearbox : 5 Speed Manual
Price (USD) : From $64,000