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Hyundai Coupe

Hyundai Coupe

When it first appeared, the present type of Hyundai coupe was when compared to Ferrari 456GT. True, there are a few body lines that bear a passing resemblance (should you tilt your face to one side and squint) to that particular great grand tourer, but in reality, similarities were grossly overstated.

Easier to judge the vehicle subjectively. The Coupe is really very good car in its right, as well as the smallest engined 1.6 litre version is sharp and clean.

The V6 version, which yields 165PS, is hugely enjoyable, and between the two is a 2.0 litre able to 141 PS. Handling is pleasingly precise, and equipment levels are high. In all, a satisfyingly good package.

Body Shell : 2 Door Coupe
Engine : 4/V6 Cylinder Petrol
Gearbox : 4/5 Speed Manuaul / Automatic
Price (USD) : From $24,000