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Noble M12 GTO

Noble M12 GTO

Nobie’s main model range is divisible by two; the GTO-3 and GTO-3R; both make use of the same V6 3.0 litre twin turbo engine, however the latter advantages of a close-ratio six speed gearbox with automatic overdrive about the two top gears whilst the ‘standard’ GT0-3 needs to make do with five speeds.

In both cases acceleration is incredible, 10Okph approaching in less than four seconds, along with a top speed of 267kph for the GTO-3 and 275kph for the R variant. Also it goes without saying that handling rocks !.

Despite the functionality of design both cars are nicely trimmed, and gives a level of comfort and luxury that buyers of those expensive sportsters might reasonably expect.

Body Shell : 2 Door Coupe
Engine : V6 Petrol
Gearbox : 5/6 Speed Manual
Price (USD) : From $77,000