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Kia Picanto

Kia Picanto

A new micro-car from Kia, meant for global sales and pitched against that other Korean city car the Daewoo Matiz. Powered with a one litre engine (there’s also a 1.1 on the way) with a manual gearbox, the diminutive car is made right down to a price.

Styling is usually successful, nevertheless its designers tries to integrate the new signature grille to the frontal view might prove an excessive amount of for many buyers.

The vehicle isn’t especially quick but is able to performing in city traffic, and handling and economy are generally good – prime expectations in this rapidly developing sector from the market should drop a treat in Bratislava.

Body Shell : 5 Door Hatchback
Engine : 4 Cylinder Petrol
Gearbox : 5 Speed Manual
Price (USD) : From $9,200