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Lincoln Town Car

Lincoln Town Car

Last of the line? The city Car may be the bedrock of Lincoln’s range, but is one which appeals and then what may be described as a mature demographic.

Meaning it puts comfort and luxury way in front of driver involvement, including mattress-soft suspension and wide-opening doors for the less flexibly-jointed.

But that demographic is dying out, and also the generation entering replace it was raised on Mustangs and Camaros, same goes with want something a bit more exciting since it enters the 3rd age of life. Making this likely to be the final old-school Lincoln. If being wafted along in a massive barge, with floating-on-air quality of ride is your thing, rush and purchase one now – as you still can.

Body Shell : 4 Door Sedan
Engine : V8 Cylinder Petrol
Gearbox : 4 Speed Automatic
Price (USD) : From $53,000