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Smart Forfour

Smart Forfour

Meeting interest in drivers of the original car who’ve either acquired friends or began to breed, ForFour is really a stretched version of the original car, which logically enough has four doors and four seats.

Most of the quirks of design; the fascia design, the sequential gearbox, the ‘smiley face’ styling, are carried to this four seater, but to ensure the performance is adequate power continues to be increased.

There’s even a 4×4 version within the pipeline for 2006. It will likely be interesting to determine how this model is received through the public; even though extra doors and seats are helpful, their addition completely negates the innate charm of the original two seater Smart.

Body Shell : 4 Door
Engine : 3 Cylinder Petrol/Diesel
Gearbox : 6 Speed Sequential
Price (USD) : From $16,000