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Caterham SuperSport

Caterham SuperSport

Mid-range, and offered both in standard and SV cockpit forms the first kind is compact for 2 people, the second offering a bit more space for taller or broader occupants.

The Supersport develops the classic deDion chassis used in the Classic. A broader selection of engines emerges from 1.6 to 1.8 litre, having a power spread from 115PS-165PS.

There’s selecting a six speed gearbox in lieu from the usual five-speed item, meant for people who enjoy having track days in addition to while using car on the highway, this car will offer more thrills per pound spent than virtually other things.

Body Shell : 2 Seater Sports
Engine : 1600cc - 1800cc 4 Cylinder
Gearbox : 5 / 6 Speed
Price (USD) : From $31,000