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Isuzu Rodeo

Isuzu Rodeo

If it appears like a GM Frontera for you, then you’re right since it is a Frontera. Built around a chassis that may be traced to an Isuzu pick-up truck, the Rodeo emerges to the American market as a budget sports utility vehicle with either two- or four wheel drive, with either two or four doors.

Engines are generally a 2.2 litre four or perhaps a 3.2 litre V6 dual overhead cam unit, but there’s not really a diesel option in the Isuzu Rodeo line-up, although Frontera in Europe was offered by having an oil burner engine.

The reason being the Americans continue to be not convinced from the advantages of a clattering detonation power unit, presumably because petrol continues to be cheap despite recent hikes in price.

Body Shell : 2/4 Door SUV
Engine : 4/V6 Cylinder Petrol
Gearbox : 4/5 Speed Manuaul / Automatic 4x4
Price (USD) : From $20,800