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Winning accolades for every new car; even though stigma of shared components using the Mondeo still haunts the hugely competent X-Type Jaguar is in a much better shape than ever before.

The most recent generation of XJ, joining Audi's A8 when you are built primarily from lightweight alloy, is definitely an exceptionally good car that's satisfying its owners, and also the newest iteration of S-Type is similarly a hugely satisfying car to possess and drive.

The very first Jaguar factory-built estate, built about the X-Type is gaining new friends rapidly, as well as the ageing XK-Series has gained a brand new take on life because of a current facelift.

Jaguar is showing new concept cars for a price that's near to alarming: there is a sense from the company attempting to go ahead and take pulse of their future owners.

There's also a sense that what you take into production is going to be worth owning. The replacement XK roadster and coupe models is in the initial phases of production: this such as the XJ may have much more utilization of aluminium alloys, which makes it both lighter and sharper.

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