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Among America’s longest-established auto makers. Chevrolet occupies a distinctive niche in the marketplace with exceptionally high amounts of retention amongst its buyers.

It is this loyalty which has resulted in the development of a few smaller models - they are targeted at first-time clients who, hope General Motors, will remain using the brand for a lifetime.

That is not to say how the Chevy is just for the average driven the brand also encompasses that American near legend, the Corvette, and also the favoured Sports Utility Vehicle from the upwardly-mobile patriot, the Blazer.

The SSR is easily the most interesting new model in a while although quite the number of surfers there are in Nebraska has not yet been determined.

Yet regardless of the advance of SSR Chevrolet remains deeply conservative, since it continues to be because the end from the Harley Earl era - the late 1950s, when fins were grabbing the moon and chrome was applied through the acre.

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